Welcome to Gameplay Ingredients

Gameplay Ingredients is a set of Runtime and Editor tools for Unity Games : A collection of scripts that ease simple tasks while making games and prototypes.

GItHub repository is here : https://github.com/peeweek/net.peeweek.gameplay-ingredients

Getting Started

Runtime Tools

  • Events, Logic and Actions : Atomic Components to perform Actions based on logic and events.
  • Callables : Core of the Scripting philosophy of Gameplay Ingredients
  • Managers : Game Singletons that take care of low level game logic.
  • Messager : Scene-Independent Message Broadcast and Listen System
  • Rigs : Components that animate, bind and connect objects together
  • State Machines Abstraction that perform simple state behaviors.
  • Factories : Components that create objects based on blueprint and manage their life.
  • Timers : Time-based component that keep track of time.
  • Global Variables : A Blackboard of values to read, write and get logic from.
  • interactive : Interaction system for your characters
  • Gameplay Ingredients Settings : Configuration asset of the project.

Editor Tools