Factory is a MonoBehaviour that enables instantiating new Game Objects from Prefab or Other Game Object blueprints. Factories handle the spawn (Random, Sequential or From a Game Save) and the handling of a count of instances, also permitting automatic respawn.


Name Description
Factory Blueprints A List of prefabs or scene game objects to use as reference for spawning.
Blueprint Selection Mode Enum : Method to use in order to select a blueprint for spawn. Possible Values are Random, Sequential, Shuffle or Game Save
Game Save Location If Selection Mode is set to Game Save, selects the game save location (System or User) to read the value from
Game Save Variable Name If Selection Mode is set to Game Save, defines the game save variable to read the value from.
Default Game Save Index If Selection Mode is set to Game Save, and Location to User : specifies the User save index to read from.
Spawn Target Defines the Target Transform to use in order to spawn the new instance.
Spawn Target Location Defines the Scene and the parenting when spawning new objects. Possible Values are Same Scene as Target, Child of Target, or DontDestroyOnLoad (Persistent Runtime Scene)
Sacrifice Oldest If this option is enabled, the factory will destroy the oldest instance to respawn a new one. Destroying the oldest instance this way will not trigger its respawn Calls.
Respawn Target Controls whether a destroyed instance need to be automatically respawned
Respawn Delay If Respawn Target is enabled, controls the delay before respawning an instance.
Reap Instances on Destroy Controls whether the instances have to be destroyed if the factory is destroyed.
Max Instances Defines the capacity of the pool of managed instances
On Spawn The list of Callables to be called when an instance is spawned. Instigator is the new instance object.
On Respawn The list of Callables to be called when an instance is re-spawned. Instigator is the factory object.