New Scene from Template

This feature enables the creation of new scenes, based on other scenes defined as templates in the project. You can create a new scene or add additively from a template.

Using the New Scene from Template Window

In order to select which scene to add, you can use the File/New Scene from Template... menu item to display the New Scene From Template window.

On the left part of the window, you can find categories where the templates are grouped into. To select a template, click its name in the list.

Upon selecting a template, its description will appear in the right part of the window, displaying its title, description and optionally a screenshot.

Scene Template Set-Up

New Scene Templates can be set-up using a Scene Template List asset. You can create these assets using the Create/Scene Template List menu in the project window.

Every Scene Template List contains a group of Scene Templates assorted as a category in the window.

You can edit these assets in the inspector by adding new Templates to the Template List, and filling in the Name, Description, Reference Scene and Screenshot.